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Mu legend Dark Lord may be the much better tank Class to play

You can find Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage in mu legend, Now MU2ZEN shares with you How to select a class in mu legend. Mu2zen as a specialist Mu Legend zen net web page provides secure, fast and low price Mu legend Zen for you personally. Within the event that you are hesitating exactly where to get Dark Lord Talent guides for a beginner, Mu2zen could be an incredibly superior choice. 

Mu legend Dark Lord may be the much better tank Class to play

From my practical experience, it really is far better to play tank Dark Lord. The explanation is his spells. He has additional close variety spells, which signifies it will be challenging for him to make dmg because he will take lots of dmg and will need to fall back. Also, he has a lot of crowns manage spells, like gathering all monsters around him at a single location, stuns and so on. Which signifies, that when you go to DPS, then you definitely won't be using these spells, because you might die quickly.

Also, the game is extra produced for party play. And whisperer and war mage will out DPS you with an extended run. So there's no use for DPS dark lord in the party.

Also wish to say, that tanks are not that great generally, it is extra rewarding to play with DPS , because as DL, in boss fights you won't really present a lot to the celebration, you can't cc or taunt the boss, just hit with low dmg. Also, bosses have massive dmg spells, that could blow up tanks, so you still will want to dodge.

In conclusion, the dark lord is created much more for supporting others and crowd controlling the monsters. If you want to go for far more DPS , then you really should choose whisperer or war mage