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Novaquark Launches Dual Universe Kickstarter on dfoshops

After revealing its ambitious sci-fi MMO back in May, Novaquark has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the project advance! To complete initial investments, the Dual Universe Kickstarter seeks $557,818.

The crowdfunding pledges will be used to pay developers and artists working on the game, in order to continue independent development with the support of the community. After the game is launched, it will run based on a subscription model. Players can also choose for the Dual Access Coupon that can be bought and resold on the in-game markets like the World of Warcraft game time tokens. 

Novaquark Launches Dual Universe Kickstarter on dfoshops

Dual Universe is a sci-fi sandbox MMORPG taking place in one unique world shared by all players. Its economy, politics and evolution will be entirely player-driven. Furthermore, players can explore and conquer countless planets, as well as create or freely modify anything in the voxel-based universe.

Although the developers encourage teamwork, players can choose between flying solo or joining others in creating larger crews and determine their own story and experience, while taking part in the collective story of the game.


Our Thoughts:

Dual Universe already has 280 backers at the time of writing this post and numbers are likely to continue rising if the popularity of other space games launched this year like No Man’s Sky is any evidence. However, we are skeptical about the success of running a subscription-based model. EVE Online, for instance, just went free-to-play, so Dual Universe might have more convincing to do to get players to invest in its development and existence.

Your Thoughts:

What do you think about Dual Universe’s announcement and future plans? Are you going to back this project and play? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Dual Universe Kickstarter

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Novaquark Launches Dual Universe Kickstarter on dfoshops
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